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"Sustainably packaged lip balms are a nightmare to look for. Thank god for "Akkula, which creates clear and tinted lip balms that are not only in packaged in compostable paper, but are also made entirely vegan-friendly. Another big bonus: They also carry sunscreen in the same packaging. Some heroes don’t wear capes."

-  Giselle Barrientos (Scout Magazine)


Agripreneur: Akkula

Akkula Ph products are very innovative. Have you ever encountred lipbalms that are compostable after usage? Well, Akkula does it. 

They also support farmers and make sure their products lessen carbon footprint. This is such an interesting brand with different products that are healthy such as cleaners that do not release harmful toxins. 



20 Local And Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands You Need To Check Out

Commercial lip balms are often cased in plastic tubes and bottles which are harmful to the environment. If you're trying to lessen your use of plastics, try Akkula's vegan lip balm. The packaging is made from compostable kraft paper. Once you've used it up, you can guiltlessly throw the paper away in your garden so it can naturally decompose.

- Chab Ocampo (Cosmopolitan)


Small business makes eco-friendly products and supports local farmers in Leyte

Behind this enterprise are the partners Angelique Lesaca and Nico Ballesteros, both 26, entrepreneurs and founders of Akkula PH, who started the online business in 2017. With the goal to protect the environment and its inhabitants, they make their products 100% natural, ethical, sustainable, and affordable. Lesaca says, “We lessen our carbon footprint by reducing the use of fossil fuel based-transport and we can provide support to our farmers by giving them the valuable capital they need to continue operating their farms.” Adhering to their objective to be a sustainable and waste-free business, they also aim to alleviate the single-use plastic by making innovative packaging and products.

-Vina Medenilla



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Dona Angela Gardens, 110 Gil st.
Legaspi village, Makati City, Philippines

Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm
Saturday, 11am - 6pm

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