" Take care of the Earth and the Earth will take care of you "

We commit to produce ethical, sustainable and quality products for our daily use; while being able to give back to Mother Earth. We believe that natural and organic products is in fact much better and safer for our health. We produce products under the categories of; Self-Care, Home Care, Petsentials (Pet Essentials) and Sports Care 

100% natural
All ingredients for all products are
certified natural and non-toxic.
Our products really work,
or you’ll get your money back.
We do not test nor harm animals.
Zero Waste
We try to make the packaging of
our products reusable or compostable.
Our products provide environmental,
social and economic benefits while protecting
the health of the public and the health
of Mother Earth.
All our products are quality efficient, yet
affordable. All products are priced reasonably.
When you buy from us, time is not wasted.
Don’t worry about the burden and cost of shipping.
We are your neighbors.